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Beauty Guide

The Reeva Fresh Herb Skin Treatment range, cosmeceuticals formulated by doctors in Europe’s leading skin treatment and cosmetic laboratories, take into account climatic conditions and how they effect the different skin types.

All Reeva Fresh Herb Skin Treatment products are a perfect blend of natural herbs and the highest quality ingredients.

It is important that the correct skin care products for your skin type are chosen with the help of your Reeva Beauty Consultant. Your skin needs may change dependent on the seasons. In winter extra moisturising and nourishing may be needed - particularly in areas where dryness and ageing tends to show first, under eyes, around the mouth and neck. A daily skin-care routine is essential for a beautiful skin.

Morning: Cleanse and tone to remove dust, stale sebum and refine pores. Moisturise to retain and prevent a loss of moisture, which is a main factor in the ageing process.
Always moisturise whilst the skin is still damp from your toner to get maximum benefit.
Your moisturiser acts as a foundation for a long lasting make up.

Evening: Cleanse and condition (as required) to remove dust, stale make-up and slough away dead cells. Tone to refine pores. This prepares the skin for the absorption of your nourishing skin care products, which feed the skin, restoring moistures and essential oils, vital to the revitalisation and rejuvenation of the skin.

The correct massage movements are essential when applying Reeva Skin Care and Treatment products.

Facial areas - upward and outward.

Neck - sweeping downward.

Eye areas - with fingertips pat from the inner corner of eye out over lid and back under
eye towards nose.