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REEVA  Specials Sept. 2017


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PURCHASE REEVA Beauty & /or Health products value R800+


         Choose a beautiful scarves to brighten up any outfit!





                                   A GOLD       B TURQUOISE  C ROYAL BLUE   D CERISE PINK


Light or Dark Beauty – Be SunSmart

Our climate lends itself to outdoor sport and leisure activities. Many people spend long hours working outside. South Africans mostly love the sun. That’s all good, as long as we’re taking the necessary measures to protect our skin against damage that could result in cancer. Just two blistering burns before the age of 18 can result in a skin cancer diagnosis later in life.

Equally important is not putting one’s self literally in harm’s way by using tanning beds or sunless tanning products.

Buy Reeva Sage Moisturising Lotion (250ml) with UVA/UVB Sunblock       Protection for the whole family from the hot SA sun  R285



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REEVA Health & Energy Range Special offer!
  1 – 15 October 2017    

With the purchase of 2  
REEVA Diet Supplements,
receive a gift -
REEVA High Potency 
Multivitamins & Minerals
for members of your family 
NOT on a diet! 
Diet Supplement Capsules: R245 (60 capsules)
When on a restricted eating plan, it is essential to ensure the body still receives the required vitamins and minerals. Most multivitamin and mineral supplements will result in a tendency to weight increase. A recognized South African medical doctor working in the field of weight loss and diet has formulated this scientifically and nutritionally balanced diet supplement capsule to ensure healthy maintenance of required vitamins and minerals. The inclusion of Chromium polynicotinate helps prevent craving for sweet foods. This product s is not a diet product itself, and my not be substituted for meals however, used in conjunction with any diet programmed it will help maintain a good nutritional balance and a feeling of well being. 
High potency multivitamins and Minerals: R185 (60 tablets)High energy formula: Excellent of all not on a diet and under the pressure of daily living! This formula contains 24 vitamins and minerals that form the basis of sound nutritional therapy. No single nutrient is effective without the interaction of its co-factors and other supporting elements. This High Potency Formula contains youth supportive anti-oxidants namely Vit. A, Beta Carotene, Vit. C, Vit. E, L-Methionine, zinc and Copper, so essential to protect us from the harmful and degenerative effects of chemical and lifestyle pollutants, which are today entrenched in everyday life. Special ingredients Bet-Carotene and Vit. E are two of the more important anti-oxidants in the prevention of biological ageing. 
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